Clin Assoc Prof Patrice MwipatayiMD, MMed (Surg), MClinEd (Melb), FCS, FRACS

Prof Patrice Mwipatayi
  • 2008 - The University of Western Australia Faculty of Surgery nomination for most outstanding teacher LINC 2009 - winner for "Cobest Trial, Preliminary Report"
  • Fellow of College of Surgeons of South Africa Fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Member of Australian Medical Association
  • Private - Hollywood Private Hospital, Joondalup Health Campus Public - Royal Perth Hospital


  1. Attended the Critical Care Society of South Africa 19th May 5-8 1997
  2. Attended the Association of Surgeons of South Africa 1998 congress
  3. Attended the Controversies in Surgery in Pretoria Sept. 99, Oct. 2000 and Oct. 2002.
  4. Attended vascular symposium presented by Vascular Unit, Division of General Surgery, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town 2001 and 2002.
  5. Attended the microsurgical refresher course 2/05/02 – 7/05/02 at the University of Cape Town.
  6. Attended and presented at the South African Vascular Congress in Sun City Mpumalanga September 2002.
  7. Attended the Ethicon Advanced Wound Care, March 2002
  8. Attended and presented at the South African Vascular Congress in Cape Town October 2003, awarded the first prize for the best presentation.
  9. Attended the European Vascular Course in Marseille 13/03/03 – 15/03/03.
  10. Awarded the “Garon Caine Fellowship” which is attributed to the most achieving Junior Consultant (Senior Registrar) for the year – Spent one month (Aug. 2003) at Maastricht Academic Hospital.
  11. Attended a training course on Radiation Safety in the use of Fluoroscopic equipment at Royal Perth Hospital, January 2004.
  12. Completed a Flex Training Workshop, July 2004.
  13. Attended and presented at Vascular Rotorua 2004, organised by the Australian and New Zealand Society for vascular surgery. September 2004.
  14. Attended International Endovascular Symposium 2004: Sydney
  15. Attended and presented at the Asian Vascular Society Annual meeting at Kuala Lampur 2006.
  16. Instructor of the Vascular Surgery Anatomy of Advanced Approach Skills Training workshop in CTEC 2008
  17. Principal Investigator of the “COBEST” Trial = Cover versus Bare Stent for aorto-iliac occlusive. (Ongoing trial)
  18. Presented at the LINC meetings, VIVA meeting and Veith meeting.
  19. Principal Investigator of the ENGAGE REGISTRY in Western Australia
  20. Principal organiser of the Vascular Access workshop at RPH-PERTH 2011-2012
  21. Principal Investigator of the GREAT REGISTRY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA
  22. Principal Investigator of the DEBAS REGISTRY IN AUSTRALIA
  23. Nominated faculty member of the VEITH MEETING/New York
  24. Nominated faculty member of the at the VERVE-LINC Meeting in Sydney
  25. LINC 2014: Leipzig Interventional Course 28-31 January 2014
  26. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons : 4 March 2014 - Attended “Keeping Trainees on Track”
  27. EuroPCR 2014: Attended meeting in Paris 20-23 May 2014
  28. St Jude Medical FemoSeal Vascular Closure Device Physician Instruction Program, 21 July 2014
  29. Invited guest speaker at 15th Congress of Asian Society for Vascular Surgery on 5 – 7 September 2014
  30. ANZSVS; Vascular October 2014, Canberra. Organizer, planning and execution of the meeting
  31. Scientific Convener and organiser of the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australia and New Zealand Society of Vascular Surgery (ANZSVS) 11-13 October 2014 at Realm Hotel, Canberra.
  32. VEITH 2014: Aortic Medtronic Faulty Education Program; Manhattan New York City 17-18 November 2014
  33. Participated in the Medtronic Faculty Education Program: 17 – 18 November 2014.
  34. Examiner at the AVT (Adelaide Vascular Trial) 2014, 2015.
  35. Examiner of the students, final year for the Notre Dame University and UWA.
  36. LINC 2015 : Leipzig Interventional Course 27-30 January 2015
  37. Facilitator at The University of Western Australia CTEC, Perth WA: Advanced Vascular Surgery: Anatomical Approaches. 4-5 May 2015
  38. Attended RACS Surgical Teachers Course 23 – 25 July 2015.
  39. Government of Western Australia Department of Health Institute for Health Leadership: 2015 Consultant Development Program
  40. VEITH Symposium New York: 17-21 November 2015
  41. LINC Australia The VERVE Symposium ; 3-5 December 2015
  42. LINC Leipzig 2016
  43. AVT Adelaide 17-20 March 2016
  44. Korean Society of Interventional Radiology: IGET Live March 25-26 2016 Presenter: New strategies for treatment of endoleak. My secrets for successful EVAR against hostile neck
  45. MAQUET Training Sydney 20 June 2016 : COBEST 5 years, results. 3-5 May 2016
  46. IGET : Korea.. July 2016
  47. ANZSVS Conference 5-8 August 2016 Taiwan Society for Vascular Surgery 10-11 September 2016. Presenter
  48. ASVS Singapore 21-22 October 2016.
  49. Attended the seminar presented by MDA Complexities of Informed Consent Conversations: October 2016
  50. VERVE Symposium Sydney 1-3 December 2016
  51. LINC Leipzig 23-27 January 2017
  52. AVT 2017 Adelaide: 16 -18 March 2017
  53. LINC Asia-Pacific Hong Kong 13-15 March 2017 Moderator: How do I treat the SFA? Perspectives from Asia Pacific Presenter: How do I traet the SFA- Australian experience Panel Member: Advanced techniques aorto-iliac obstructions Presenter; The role of covered stents for iliac reconstructions Moderator: Scrub in with the experts: Venous interventions
  54. London Meeting 23-29 April 2017
  55. MAQUET Meeting Brisbanr: 6-7 June 2017
  56. North Queensland Vascular Audit Meeting: 15 July 2017. Presenter: DEBAS
  57. MAQUET Getinge Group; Proctor in AFX Cases- 21 June, 5 July, 2 August.
  58. Medtronic: 4-5 September 2017. Assisted with workshop for visiting Korean Dr’s
  59. Medtronic Hawk Presentation 11 September 2017 Sydney Vascular Surgeons
  60. ANZSVS 2017 Annual Scientific Conference 13-16 October 2017 Perth Presentations : *Predictors of peri-procedural outcomes of carotid artery stenting: Real world experiences *Interventions to the pedal arch- Genius or Madness. *Management of complex central vein stenosis
  61. 18th Congress of Asian Society for Vascular Surgery and 12th Asian Venous Forum: 25-28 October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. 25 October Operator: Live Case Peripheral Arterial Work Shop (Femoro-Popliteal) 25 October Speaker; Live Case Below the Knee: BT POBA DEB or stent 25 October Speaker: Live Case- Tibio-Plantar BT : Importance of Foot Arch Revisualization 25 October Moderator: Live Case ibio –Plantar 26 October Speaker: Preserving the Natural Bifurcationin AIOD Patients. 26 October Speaker: Case Discussion 27 October Speaker: CAROTID 2 – Prolonged Persistent Hypotension: Outcome after Carotid Intervention 28 October Speaker: Drug Eluting Stent for SFA : latest Data and Evidence
  62. LINC Australia: The Verve Symposium 7-9 December 2017 Presenter: 5 years Results from the ENGAGE Registry: Long term Outcome in the Octogenarian Population Moderator: Juxta-Renal aneurysms & Hostile Infra-Renal Neck
  63. Leipzig Interventional Course, Linc 2018 Presenter: REACT Response Adapted Combination Therapy: Concept and Study Outine for RCT- Minimal is optimal in SFA therapy, reducing metal burden.
  64. LINC Asia-Pacific 2018: 13-15 March 2018 13 March Moderator: Response Adapted Combination Therapy(REACT)- Maximizing outcomes, minimizing burden 14 March Moderator: Advanced techniques for complex aortoiliac obstructions. 15 March, Discussions panel: Critical issues in endovascular aortic repair – Focus on infrarenal aneurysms. Presenter: Treating hostile Necks with HeliFx….An Australian experience. Presenter: Maximizing outcomes with a REACT approach combining Passeo-18 Lux DCB with Pulsar BMS.
  65. Charring Cross London International Symposium 24 – 27 April 2018. Presenter: EVAR for Octogenarians



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